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st. cuthbert's way

St. Cuthbert's Way
About Saint Cuthbert
Melrose to St. Boswells
St. Boswells to Harestanes
Harestanes to Morebattle
Morebattle to Yetholm
Yetholm to Wooler
Wooler to Fenwick
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walking in scotland

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Dryburgh Village

Dryburgh Village across the River Tweed

The existence of much of the village is due to the works and concern of David Stuart Erskine, 11th Earl of Buchan. He became owner of much of the land in the area, and spent his life developing and improving the estate.

David Stuart Erskine
Born in 1742, he was responsible for much of the building and development work on Dryburgh Estate during the early 19th century....[more]

The Chain Bridge
The bridge was built to replace the ferry which crossed the Tweed at this point....[more]

Temple of the Muses
In 1817, the 11th Earl of Buchan had erected the Temple, in the form of a Greek pavilion....[more]

Orchard Gate
This Gothic gateway was erected by Buchan as the entry into his orchard....[more]

Dryburgh Abbey
Construction of the Abbey was started about 1150 by a group of monks of the Premonstratensian Order....[more]

The Wallace Statue
This huge statue of the 'Guardian of Scotland' stands 31 feet high in total....[more]

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