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Eildon Hills Walk

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Eildon Hills Walk

Photo: Bloom of Gorse
Bloom of Gorse

You will have noticed that the waymarker has 'the triple peak' and 'Eildon Walk', in addition to the 'St Cuthbert's Way' cross. This is because this first part of the walk is common to both walks.

Crossing a footbridge brings you to the foot of a long flight of steps - with two resting places for the weary of leg.
At the top, cross a stile, keeping to the path, which is fenced on both sides. Below you to the right is Melrose Golf Course, - an excellent nine hole course, with some challenging holes.
Keeping close to the left hand fence, and passing through three gates brings you out onto the open hill.

Photo: Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly
Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

In Spring, this part of the walk is ablaze with the yellow bloom of the gorse, in Autumn the higher reaches have the purple of the heather and golden brown of the bracken.

The path from here can be clearly seen as it rises up heading for the saddle between the North and Mid Eildons.

Again, depending on the season of the year you will see a wide range of plant life with their associated butterflies - Small Tortoiseshell, Large and Small White, Red Admiral, Ringlet and Orange Tip. Numbers vary a great deal from year to year, but there are usually a fair number about.
It always amazes that an unimposing caterpillar, can, without the aid of a magician, turn itself from a drab, multi-legged food-consuming tube into a graceful and beautiful multi-coloured flying machine.
Nature is the magician. So wonder at its works as you walk along.

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